Bring Your Own Device Program

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) at Somerville Rise Primary School

Our school operates an OPTIONAL Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program (commencing in Year 4), which means students have an option to bring their own purchased or leased laptop with them to school each day.

Parents/carers are invited to purchase or lease a device for their child to bring to school. Somerville Rise Primary School has made special arrangements with eduNet who offer discounted prices for the lease or purchase of devices for our students. Somerville Rise Primary School can refer parents to government or community support programs that may help them if they wish to purchase a device for their child to own, rather than use what is provided for free by the school.


Actions Required and Key Information

  1. Students and parents must read and understand the policy and sign the BYOD Student Use Agreement before students will be permitted to connect a personal computer device to the school’s wireless service. If a student connects a device without a Student Use Agreement they are in breach of the school rules and disciplinary action may be taken.
  2. Understand students can only use a personal technology device at school, with the knowledge and written approval of a parent/guardian and the school. The signing of the BYOD Student Use Agreement constitutes such knowledge and approval. The school reserve the right to confiscate any unauthorised device until school staff deem the return of the device appropriate. The school adopts the policy, in order to maintain a safe and secure environment for students and staff.
  3. Acknowledge students are to use the device for educational purposes whilst on school premises and/or connected to the school network. Activities such as downloading files not related to school work, playing computer games or watching movies is not permitted and contravenes the school’s BYOD Student Use Agreement.
  4. When resolving cases where a school or a student-owned device has been damaged, existing school policies and procedures will apply.


Students are invited to bring their own device to school each day to be used during class time for different learning activities. When bringing their own device to school, students should ensure that it:

  • Is fully charged each morning
  • Is brought to school in a protective case (laptop bag or similar)
  • operates on Windows 11 or later

Please note Chromebooks and iPads are NOT recommended for our BYOD program.

Please note that our school does not have insurance to cover accidental damage to students’ devices, and parents/carers are encouraged to consider obtaining their own insurance for their child’s device. 

Devices which fall out of these minimum requirements scope, will still be allowed on the network, however will receive limited support and technical assistance.


Each device on the network will be required to have a form of anti-virus software which is regularly updated and functional. There are multiple free applications which will achieve this, also Windows 11 has an application built in.


Somerville Rise Primary School has in place arrangements to support families who may be experiencing long or short-term hardship to access laptops for schoolwork. Laptops are available in the classroom for use by students at an approximate ratio of one laptop to four students, ensuring that no student is disadvantaged by not partaking in the BYOD option. School laptops are not allowed to be taken home by students.


  1. The Department of Education and Training does not have insurance for personal property. Somerville Rise Primary School does not take responsibility for items of personal property that are lost, stolen or damaged at school or during school activities, please refer to our Personal Property Policy. Damage to personal property brought to school is the responsibility of the owner of that property. Families are encouraged to obtain appropriate insurance for devices brought to school.


Students, parents and carers who would like more information or assistance regarding our BYOD program are encouraged to contact the school on 5977 8500.



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