Physical Education

An important part of the physical education program offered at Somerville Rise PS is instruction in fundamental motor skills. Fundamental motor skills, such as the run, leap, kick, bounce, catch and overhand throw, form the building blocks for learning more complicated sport and movement skills.


Through the students participating in the program, they will also develop good sportsmanship, greater self-esteem, confidence, tolerance, resilience, teamwork and leadership skills. Students will also develop an awareness of the importance of a healthy lifestyle and the range of recreational and sporting opportunities available to them both at school and in the wider community.


Foundation, Year 1 and Year 2 – one 30 minute PMP (Perceptual Motor Program) session per week. This is a station based activity where children learn to listen to instructions and develop an understanding of language through movement. The program aims to not only allow time for children to develop co-ordination, but memory and eye tracking skills necessary for reading and spelling.



Foundation to Grade 2 – one 60 minute session weekly that further enhances Fundamental Motor Skills.


Grades 3-4 – one 60 minute session weekly that incorporates Fundamental Motor Skills with sport specific skills and game play. In addition, the Middle school has a 50 minute Sport session where they play specific sporting games in their House Teams. This is good preparation for Inter-school sport when they reach Senior School.


Grades 5-6 - one 60 minute session weekly that supports the development of sport specific skills and Game Sense (use of tactics and strategies in games).


In addition, a weekly 120 minute session, where students are involved in Interschool Sport during the first two terms, playing specific sports against other schools in the Murdoch Sports District. They will then compete in a school House Sport Competition.


Somerville Rise is part of the Murdoch District Sports Association. Students are able to  represent the school in athletics, cross country, swimming, winter sport and summer sport at District, Divisional, Regional, State and National levels.




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