What our parents say

“We have been extremely happy with Somerville Rise Primary school. Somerville rise has been exceptional, we are so thankful to be part of this wonderful community and cannot express how happy we have been. The multi learning classes that Somerville rise offer, has proven to be a great learning environment for Nathan.  As a shy and nervous kid, Nathan has grown so much from his first day of prep. With the support of the older kids in the class and the wonderful Teachers, he has gained a lot of confidence and social skills. This has allowed him the chance to coach and help the younger children as they now start their journey at school. We have spent most of the first 2 yrs of school in remote learning, this has been challenging for us all. I have been so impressed with our Teachers enthusiasm, empathy and their ability to keep the kids engaged each day. Dance parties, regular classes and constant communication have helped keep the kids focused while learning remotely. I have been lucky enough to help support Nathan with his learning at home and I could not have done this without the support from his wonderful Teachers. Somerville Rise Primary School has done amazing work adapting to the challenges and changes of school learning and remote learning. They are always finding new ways to improve and keep on top of challenges that may arise. Checking in with parents is always appreciated and our feedback is always welcomed in what is working and what is not working. We are so grateful for all the Teachers hard work and commitment they put in” – Melissa Jones

“Doing multi-age in prep has been the perfect balance between nurture and challenge for our son. He is suitably challenged on subjects he finds easy, and is given support and encouragement in those he needs to work on. Their play-based learning approach has been incredibly positive for him too – for a child who disconnects when workbooks are involved, learning in a hands-on environment has seen him grow in leaps and bounds. Even in a year filled with remote learning, he already feels a part of the school community. Running virtual clubs during lockdown was genius, and he loved getting to do coding, cooking, music and yoga with his school friends while at home” – Sarah McLennan

“My kids have attended Somerville Rise Primary School for the past 7 years. My children are on the spectrum so I was worried about finding a school that would be accepting and supportive to them and their needs. Somerville Rise has provided that. They have catered to my kids and have strived to help them feel welcome and accepted. They have gone above and beyond. We couldn’t be happier with Somerville Rise”- Maggie Williamson

“At the beginning of the year my son was so nervous and scared about being at school, he would cry at drops offs for weeks but in saying that he would always come running out with the biggest smile on his face. The older students in his class were amazing each morning, always first to run over when they see him crying and upset. Multi age has done absolute wonders for my son, just how much he had learnt in his first year was mind blowing. Having those older students to look up to and learn off definitely helped with his learning and not to mention his confidence levels. Multi age learning was the best decision we made for our son, and we will be choosing that for our other children in the years to come” – Zowie Hunter

“I have three children attending Somerville Rise Primary School and I could not be happier with their education. The teachers are so passionate, caring and considerate to each and every child’s personalities and needs. The multi age classroom philosophy was introduced when my eldest child went into grade one. To say I was nervous was an understatement but to my surprise my daughter flourished. She was a shy, anxious little girl in Prep but with the multi age classroom in grade one, she grew so confident that she was talking in front of assembly by term two. I love how the older students became nurturers to the younger students and how confident the little preps are. I also love how my children are taught to their point of need and not their age. Every child develops and learns differently and Somerville Rise Primary School cater to their individual needs. After my first daughter had the opportunity to be in a multi age classroom, it was a very easy decision for me to choose multi age for my other two, who have also greatly benefited from this philosophy” – Elisha Page

“My daughter completed prep in a multi-age classroom and it worked so well for her. She struggled to leave my side on a daily basis but was assigned a Grade 1 buddy in her class to help her unpack her bag and get her ready for the day. This made her feel so included and special that drop off was no longer a chore. Multi-age classrooms were then introduced as a Prep-1-2 idea while she was in junior school and it was such a great opportunity for my daughter to then become one of the leaders who helped others when she was in Grade 1 and Grade 2. As an educator myself, I chose Somerville Rise Primary School for its wonderful facilities, smaller cohort and multi-age classrooms. Multi-age learning is at the fore-front of education, my eldest daughter is in high school this year and received an excellence award (“A” average) for the 9 subjects that she completed in Semester 1. This is an absolute credit to Somerville Rise Primary School who always encouraged and extended her to be the best version of herself. Somerville Rise Primary School pride themselves to teach at the point of need and this is clearly achieved through a multi-age classroom” – Nicole Love

“Fantastic school and teachers/ mentors. From the office staff to the integration aides and the multi age grouping teachers, all the staff go above and beyond in their care and support of all students. This is our second generation of children to attend the school and the whole teams commitment and care of children with special needs is encompassing and wonderful. To see so many familiar teaching faces from 20 years on highlights and reinforces the sense of family you feel from the school. They also work extensively with the local kinders and secondary college to help ensure a smooth transition in the next chapter of the children’s education” – Kelley O’Brien