Prep 2023 Enrolment Information 

Dear Parents,

Welcome to our school website and a snapshot of what is offered at your local primary school.

If you would like to enrol your child, please contact us on 59778500 or email the school at with your name, child’s name, child’s date of birth, kinder/childcare they are currently attending, your contact details and current address.

Please include the subject heading as Prep Enrolment. We will then arrange with you to pick up an enrolment pack with forms and additional information. These can be returned on completion with your child’s birth certificate and immunisation record.

In the meantime, take the time to read the additional information and enjoy learning more about our fabulous school. If you would like to discuss anything specifically related to your child you can make an appointment through the front office with either myself or our Assistant Principal in charge of Wellbeing, Lisa Durham.

Take care and stay safe.

Kind Regards

Nicky Fammartino


Staff and students at Somerville Rise Primary School are very proud of their school which is situated next to the Yumarrala Wetlands and Somerville Secondary College.

Our school consists of 16 classrooms, Performing Arts Room, PE/Gymnasium, STEAM/Visual Arts Room, football oval with running track, 4 basketball/netball courts and 2 playgrounds, aesthetically pleasing and well maintained grounds and a joint use Community Centre.  Our enrolments in 2021 allowed us to give parents the option of a straight year prep class or a multi-age class of prep/year 1/year 2. Our classes this year consist of straight prep, prep/year 1/2, year 1/2, 2 classes of years 3/4 and 3 classes of years 5/6.

The school is proud of its achievement in creating a warm, harmonious and caring learning environment where students feel secure, happy and are highly motivated to learn. We aim to make this school a place where your child becomes strong and confident, having high self esteem and high standards of cooperation and social behaviour.

The school offers an outstanding comprehensive curriculum in the Victorian Essential Learning of Mathematics, English, Science, Technology, Humanities, Health and Physical Education, The Arts and Languages Other than English. Teachers at Somerville Rise Primary School have high expectations of students and foster in students a drive to achieve their personal best, whilst recognising individual needs and differences.

In addition the school offers numerous after school programs including a School-Aged Child Care Program, Netball, Basketball, Band, Singing Classes and Martial Arts.

The education of your child is a partnership between school and home. We foster open and positive communications between the parents and all school staff. We aim to make parents feel comfortable and welcome at the school and encourage them to participate in school activities. We also provide many opportunities for parents to contribute to school decision making. The attitude you have about the school has a powerful impact on your child’s behaviour and your child’s motivation to learn. We therefore ask for your support in developing your child’s positive perception about the school.

The school has a positive Student Wellbeing Policy where standards of behaviour are detailed with students being integrally involved in setting classroom expectations. A whole school code of conduct has been developed and a copy of the procedures are made available to all parents. Students also participate in the school’s decision making through the Student Representative Council and the school’s Student Leadership program. Representatives of both student groups attend School Council meetings and present a report. In addition we distribute Leaders on the Rise awards, Specialist Teacher awards and Positive Outside Play Behaviour awards to encourage students to strive for excellence and a high standard of social behaviour. These are strategies the school employs to make students aware not only of their individual rights, but of their responsibilities and consideration for the rights of others.

Multi aging

Our multi-age learning spaces nuture and engage learners in an environment that fosters the development of individual skills, talents and creativity. Our philosophy is based on the belief that multi-aging is an effective classroom organisational structure for teachers to meet the individual needs of children. Multi-age classrooms differ from composite or combination classes where students in each grade level study a separate curriculum. The use of developmentally appropriate practices is essential to the success of multi-age classroom. Developmentally appropriate practice ensures that every child is learning at his or her own rate. It involves focusing on children as individuals who are growing and developing on a continuum of learning.

The multi-age classroom is an environment where the teacher provides a developmentally appropriate curriculum based on each child’s needs. It recognises that students not only learn differently but at varying rates. We promote a diverse environment where children do not feel the need to compete, only to do their best. They develop a positive self-concept and enjoy being both the nurtured as a Prep, and the nurturer as a Year Two.

Multi-age classroom teachers become adept at developing lessons with differentiated assignments that appeal to the various developmental levels in the class. Students are the beneficiaries. Younger and older students are catered for by the depth of questioning and the actual task assigned to the individual student. During their three years together, student and teacher relationships grow and a strong bond develops between student and teacher.

Little Explorers

Our Junior School students are provided with Little Explorer time each week. During this time, students are provided with active hands-on investigations that provide them with opportunities to practise and apply skills they will be developing in Literacy, Numeracy and other curriculum areas such as Science, Geography, History, the Arts and Environmental Studies.

Little Explorer Time fosters:

• higher order thinking

• problem solving

• team work

• creativity

• a life – long love of learning

• engagement

• the personal strengths of each individual child


Our school community is committed to sustainability practices. We are proud of our 5 star rating. The Craig White Memorial Barn is an asset to integrate Environmental Science throughout our curriculum.


Separate play areas and equipment are provided for different grade levels. Our grounds also include basketball/netball courts, football oval and running track.


Thank you for taking the time to visit our school. We hope to be able to offer school tours shortly.

If you would like to be notified of these tours please contact the office on 5977 8500.