Student WellBeing

A Positive Focus at Somerville Rise Primary School

Our school promotes engagement, positive behaviour and respectful relationships for all students.

We provide an attractive, stimulating learning environment and a range of extra-curricular activities which help children to experience success and thus develop a sense of competency and self-esteem.

This brochure will give you a quick taste of how we approach student wellbeing.

Student Involvement

Students have direct involvement in school activities and opportunities to contribute to the school community through the Student Leadership Program, SRC and student leadership/cross-age tutoring programs such as the PAL program, Buddy Reading, Buddies, Rise Up and House teams.

Student Leadership – Leaders on the Rise

The School Leadership program includes all Year 6 students as student leaders with involvement in activities such as running assemblies, student mediation, welcoming visitors, promoting positive and safe behaviour, organising lunchtime activities and environmental and sporting organisation. Year 5 students participate in a student leadership program (PAL).

Social and Emotional Learning

There is an emphasis on restorative conversations to manage conflict and sort out disagreements. A Social and Emotional Learning program fosters personal and social capabilities through explicitly teaching students skills in the areas of: Emotional Literacy; Personal Strengths; Positive Coping; Problem Solving; Stress Management; Help Seeking; Gender and Identity and Positive Gender Relationships.

Learning Intervention and Enrichment

The school has intervention programs catering for students with identified learning needs. The programs include Speech Therapy Assistance, Intensive Reading and Literacy Enhancement Activity Program which focus on and support the explicit teaching of literacy. Students are challenged and engaged through an inquiry approach to the broader curriculum. In Literacy and Numeracy teachers focus on knowing their students well and teaching to their students’ point of need.

Our Student Wellbeing Officer makes regular contact with students and families to assist with support when it is needed. The DET Student Support Services and outside agencies such as DHHS, onPsych, ChildFirst and ELMHS are also available to provide advice and support when necessary.

Parent Involvement

Parents are welcome and encouraged to assist in classrooms and take an active role in the school. The school has formed partnerships with community agencies to provide parent groups, forums, specialised programs for families and playgroups.