Clean Up Somie Rise

Crazy Hair/Hat Day

The end of whole school remote learning was celebrated with a Crazy Hair/Hat Day. Staff & students joined in with braided, spiked, rainbow, lego and dyed hair.

Welcome back Junior School

It was lovely to see so many happy, smiling faces back at school this morning. We all missed you


An unexpected Hollywood celebrity has been spotted loitering on the fence of Somerville Rise Primary. We can confirm that Reece Whatsherspoon has joined the Spoonerville Rise crew as of today!  How she got here…? Well, no one really knows. Why she chose us? That’s easy to answer! After all, there is no better place to belong than our family at Somerville Rise- even if you find yourself hanging out in isolation like a spoon on a fence.
So don’t let anyone tell you that spooning isn’t a load of fun. Get your spoon people, animals, creatures or USOs (unidentified spoony objects) down to our fence and join the family. All are welcome at Somie Rise, as we accept all spoony and non spoony types without judgement.


Here at Somie Rise reading is valued as a crucial element of every child’s education and we start to develop a love of books as soon as students enter our school. Throughout our Remote Home Learning program we have continued to encourage our student’s to explore the magical portal of reading. So much so that our Little Explorers are setting their sights on becoming authors. Check out Nathan’s video as he shares his very own book with you! 

Learning sight words Somie Rise style. Are you all ready for this!!!!!

We are incredible readers. Some would even say EPIC! Since the beginning of our online learning adventures we have been reading up a storm using the magnificent online book resource Epic Books. So far as a school of rabid bookworms we have munched our way voraciously through a staggering… 9882 Books totalling a mind boggling 2221.5 hours of reading!!!

If you know of any future Somie Rise bookworms (currently enrolled in Kinder) that are keen to join us on Epic! Books please email Jane Hart at

As part of our curriculum Environmental Education is taught, which includes the use of our outdoor education facilities. In 2019, the Craig White Memorial Barn was opened. At the barn students are invited to experience propagating, planting and growing various plants using the hot house and garden beds.
We have extended our Environmental Education to include our families and have launched the Herbs at Home program. We applied for and received a grant from ExxonMobil to supply a kitchen herb kit to each family in the school. It is great that at the moment, whilst we cannot be doing any gardening at school, our families can still be involved in the process of watching things grow.


Happy 100 days of school to our Preps! We celebrated in true Somie Rise style with a digital whole school dance party! Have a listen to what our Preps have to say!


It’s no secret that the move to distance learning left the teachers of Somie Rise feeling a little … flat. But luckily for us every cloud (however deflated) has a silver lining. Flattening out meant we were portable like never before and we have been having an absolute two dimensional blast hanging out with our favourite humans! Have a look at some of the amazing 9-5 adventures we’ve been on lately. Seeing us all together having so much flat out fun makes our hearts a little lighter and our days a little brighter!


This week our Junior School Students have been learning all about Narrative Texts. One of their activities was to complete an Adjective Explosion to describe a character from the story Goldilocks and the 3 Bears. What an amazing job!!!


As the old saying goes, change is inevitable. Whether or not it’s reversible or irreversible, well now, that’s Chemical Science. The Middle School at Somie Rise have been exploring how the addition and removal of heat can alter materials both in appearance and at a molecular level. Aside from melting and freezing just about anything we could lay our hands on we’ve discovered that curiosity, once ignited, is most definitely an irreversible change. Curiosity is a most wonderful thing, it knows no boundaries so don’t ever suggest to our Science superstar crew that melting a metal spoon might be a tad challenging! That would just lead to fabulous ideas, fire pits and teachers wondering what they’ve started as sizzling streams of liquified metallic substances hit buckets of water!
Please enjoy watching three of our wildly inquisitive scientists (Kalani, Hayden and Romeo) as they get busy showing off the metal melting changes that heat can induce.

Also, let’s hear it for the fearless parents willing to melt stuff and things for Science!


At Somerville Rise Primary School we celebrate science and technology every day of the week, particularly during our weekly STEAM sessions. Remote learning has not held us back as our STEAM learners are resilient, creative and capable. In celebration of National Science Week, please sit back and enjoy our video of erupting volcanoes!


Our annual Footy-Athon looked very different this year, but in true Somie Rise style we managed to have a fabulous time via Webex. We were so lucky to have some very special guests send our students some kind and inspirational messages. A huge thank you to ex-Somie Rise student Lachie Young for your motivational video message. We really appreciate you taking the time to send us your message!

A huge thank you to local boy and Peninsula Player Jacob Weitering for your motivational video message. We really appreciate you taking the time to send us your message!


Imagine, plan, create, test and improve… our SRPS Engineers have been busy building bridges!


Take a step back in time with the Senior Students. Do you think you are bored? Never we say, even without technology. We hope you enjoy our video, we had fun playing the games children played in the 1850s during the gold rush era.


Somerville Rise STEAM learners are kind, caring and compassionate. We are so lucky to belong to such a special community

Happy Fathers Day

To all the wonderful dads in our lives – Happy Fathers Day


They say it takes a village… And now we know that old adage is making direct reference to how many people it takes to clean up after making gloop for science!
The good news is, for every millilitre of mess we made we had a metric tonne of fun and we also learned about the very confused world of those states of matter bending non-Newtonian fluids.


As Term 3 draws to a close we at SRPS have taken a moment to hold our own ISO-Talented extravaganza. Please help us celebrate some of our wonderful Prep students who have kindly shared their talents.


History is the study of the past. The study of history helps us to make sense of humankind. It also helps people understand the things that happen today and what may happen in the future. This term our Junior School Students became Historians looking at the past. Here’s what they discovered.


So many happy smiling faces today as students returned to school. (Many of those smiling faces came from parents). Students were greeted with music playing over the PA, junior students greeted by their teachers and then had a wonderful time playing on the play equipment and blowing bubbles, middle school students ran through a “Welcome Back, We missed You” banner and sprayed with silly string. There was lots of chatter from senior students as they saw their friends again. Welcome Back.


Our Somerville Rise poppy field has started to bloom in preparation for Remembrance Day.
As you wander past our wonderful school we invite you to plant a poppy (or two) along our fence line. There are plenty of poppies in the community poppy box.
Please collect one of the ANZAC toy soldiers as a little reminder of those that fought for us then and continue to fight for us now.


Middle School students missed their camp this year due to COVID-19 restrictions so this short week we are spending three sessions each day doing outdoor education activities. Today’s activities included:
Outdoor Maths – using mirrors to do a symmetry search and tallying scores from bowling and quoits.
Obstacle Course – due to wet weather this had to be moved to the gym.
Create a creature using various materials such as pine cones.

Today’s “camp” week activities in middle school included a nature scavenger hunt, kite making and “bush” cooking.

It’s exciting, it’s fabulous, it’s a whole lot of wild and exhausting fun and all right in the comfort of our very own school.
We changed the pace for our Middle School campers today. It was time to give our legs a break from the great outdoors and our bellies a chance to digest all the damper and BBQ banana treats we scoffed yesterday. We got comfy, popped our feet up and enjoyed some camp movie time. Some of us even took a break to enjoy snacks around the classroom campfire.
We hope all our campers had a wonderful few days and we can’t wait to take you away on a real school camp adventure in 2021!