Session Times

Bell times

8:45 Play support before school begins
8:58 Line up for session 1
9:00 Begin session 1
9:50 Begin session 2
10:40 Begin session 3
11:30 Eating time – Lunch
11:40 Lunch (first half)
11:50 Lunch (second half)
11:58 Line up
12:00 Begin session 4
12:50 Begin session 5
1:40 Afternoon recess (first half)
2:10 Afternoon recess (second half)
2:38 Line up
2:40 Begin session 6
3:25 Pack up, distribute notices
3:30 End of day
3:45 End of Play support after school

Late Arrival

Your child is considered late for school if arriving after 8.55am

You must sign your child in at  the office and obtain a Late Pass if arriving after 8.55am.

Late arrival to class causes major disruption to morning routines and can be unsettling for other students.