School Grounds

Pride in our grounds

Here at Somerville Rise Primary School we take great pride in our school grounds. Our students eat their lunch at a set time in the class room before they enter the playground, as this prevents the amount of rubbish that will potentially end up on the ground.

Rubbish Free Day

Every Tuesday is ‘Rubbish Free’ day. This means that children are encouraged to bring their lunches in re-usable containers so that NO rubbish enters the playground. The canteen is not available on Tuesdays due to this rule.

Quiet Courtyards

For the kids that prefer just to take it easy at play times the canteen courtyard is a nice area just to sit and chat as is the grassy setting of the SRC courtyard.

Safe Play Areas

Our playground areas are divided up into grade appropriate play areas. This makes each play area safe for the grades allowed to use the area. We have a number of areas available for the children to play all sorts of games. The basketball courts are very popular for a wide range of ball games as is our oval.

Sports Grounds

Our new turf oval makes for a great place to play all our favourite winter sports…Footy!