Rise and shine

Mornings can be tough, but at Somerville Rise we are always ready to RISE and SHINE!

If you wander through any of our classrooms between 9 and 9.15am you will probably see one or all of the following:

  • Everyone sitting calmly together in a circle
  • Special morning greetings being passed around the circles (This could be a high 5, a fist bump or maybe even a special handshake)
  • Our daily schedules being explained so everyone knows what to expect.
  • We discuss our behaviour focus for the week (for example we might be working on transitioning in an organised way between activities or maybe lining up safely)
  • We always include a fun positive primer game that helps to build classroom connections, team work and starts our day in a positive and fun way.

This focussed Wellbeing time ensures that little minds and hearts are ready to learn. It also teaches positive social interactions and the builds social and emotional skills that will last a lifetime. Starting each day with a predictable pattern helps all students feel secure whilst introducing our younger students to the concept of time through regular routines. These simple but targeted activities are excellent ways for kids to learn more about themselves, build self-esteem and feel a deep sense of belonging as they relate to and build positive relationships with their peers and teacher.  

Additionally, during this time students are improving speaking and listening skills as well as developing an awareness of responsibility towards themselves and others.

All of this naturally leads to happier, more connected children that have increased motivation and learning.

We think it’s time very well spent and always look forward to starting our day in a positive Rise and Shine Way!