Hi my name is Nicky Fammartino and I have been principal of Somerville Rise Primary School since July 2016.

My previous experience includes Principal, Assistant Principal, Classroom Teacher, Special Education Teacher, and Physical Education Teacher in both Victoria and the Northern Territory.

As an educator, I take the learning of all students in the school personally and as a leader, I am interested in getting to know and appreciate children as individuals and ensuring they are getting enjoyment and success in their primary years at school. I have an extensive background in wellbeing, gifted education and special education with an emphasis on ensuring all children‘s passions and abilities are the focus of a personal approach to learning.

I very much enjoy being part of such a talented staff with a clear passion for student wellbeing and educational excellence. I also enjoy working in a community where the parents and local businesses are positive and willing to be active partners in the education and wellbeing of children. Most of all I enjoy the confident, friendly and talented students that greet me with a warm smile every morning.

At Somerville Rise Primary School, we are fortunate to have beautiful and plentiful grounds for children to play and modern and engaging buildings and classrooms that assist us in nurturing a lifelong love of learning. We pride ourselves on providing inclusive, safe and orderly learning environments that celebrates the strengths and talents of all students and promote an ongoing strive towards personal best. The social and emotional development of students is as important to us as academic development and we ensure students with talents in all areas of the curriculum have a chance to excel and celebrate their learning.

The best part of my job as Principal of Somerville Rise Primary School is watching children motivated in and excited about learning. All students have extraordinary gifts and talents and are capable of amazing things given the right nurturing and I feel privileged to have an opportunity to contribute to and be part of this experience.

If you are thinking of enrolling your child at Somerville Rise Primary School, please contact the school to arrange a tour.

I look forward to working in partnership with you.

Nicky Fammartino